VI Conference EPAE, 7th December 2018

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VI Conference on Environmental Protection and Energy (EPAE) 2018, 7th December 2018

Environmental Protection & Energy Conference has become a tradition within the walls of Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. This year, 2018 the 6th edition of this highly attended scientific event will be held. EPAE Conference is dedicated to anyone who takes an interest in the fields of energy and environmental protection and wants to share their knowledge and attitude towards existing issues in that matter. The event attracts people from different places and with different academic backgrounds all connected by the same purpose – to make the world cleaner and safer place. Each year there is a wide range of participants that attend the event: freshly enrolled students, graduates, research groups, young scientists, PhDs, and most importantly Professors and representatives from institutions, organizations and companies working in energy sector.
The aim of the Conference is to gather motivated and ambitious people to work together, exchange perspectives and explore new, innovative ideas related to energy and environment. The subject area covers a wide range of current issues connected with energy production and creation and protection of natural environment among which are: clean fossil fuels technologies, energy from renewable sources, waste to energy, dissipated power engineering, water resources protection, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), environmental impact assessment and for the first time: debate on circular economy and its application in energy field.
The Conference is organized by students of Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy by InnoEnergy and Waste Management specialization from Silesian University of Technology, Department of Environmental and Power Engineering.

Benefits of participation

The event creates a great opportunity for people of any age and any background to meet and discuss the most recent issues in the sector. Each participant has a unique chance to improve both their scientific knowledge and presentation skills while exploring bright new ideas on energy technologies as well as latest innovative solutions in environmental protection. Besides, participation in such event marks a significant academic achievement and will notably enrich one’s CV. It is also a great time to make some new friends, meet people from the business, search for one’s future path and network with others.
Participants of the Conference will be provided with catering. Moreover, best presentations will be rewarded.

Place of the event

VI Conference on Environmental Protection and Energy organized by Silesian University of Technology will be held on Friday, 7th of December 2018 in CNT (“Centrum Nowych Technologii”) Building on Konarskiego 22B street in Gliwice.


Participation in the Conference is free of charge, however registration is mandatory. All who are willing to participate in the Conference are kindly requested to fill the registration form available HERE.

Be aware of fixed timetable: full version of the article has to be delivered until 28th of November while application of article’s title is possible only until 20th of November.

Any requests regarding participation should be send to konferencja2018.osie@gmail.com

Important dates

20th November – delivery of titles and online registration;
28th December – delivery of the articles;
3rd December – delivery of the final version of presentations;
7th December – VI EPAE Conference.

Additional information

Website: http://konferencjaosie201.wixsite.com/2018-eng
Email: konferencja2018.osie@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/epaec/
Instagram: @epae18

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