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Team Building Activity

Team Building activity was held in AGH and moved to Bochnia Salt Mine. It took place from 12 to 13th October.

Students participated in an educational trip to Bochnia Salt Mine where they learned the history of this place and its important role as the most profitable resource for medieval polish kings, society and the economy of the whole country. The group was divided into 4 teams, each team was led by a guide that complemented his narration of the mine history with amazing team building activities that required strong cooperation from all of the participants, resulting in knowing better our fellows. After the tour ended a closing party was held in a salon placed about 200 m deep in the mine. It was a perfect experience and opportunity for students get to know each other better and to connect with the professors and administrative staff.

The second day of activities was divided in two main activities: first table football tournament and second a culinary workshop. The table football tournament was a very enjoyable event where students worked in teams and compete for amazing prizes. On the other hand, at culinary workshop students learned how to cook four traditional polish dishes in teams recomposed after every degustation.

Incredible tastes and smells were the protagonists of the evening.


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