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For example, a pedagogical innovation could be understood as a:

  • proposal for a case built on a specific goal and scope to be adopted to current pedagogical processes in an active or planned course,
  • proposal for improvement of pedagogical tools, for instance, a change from theoretical style lectures to learning-by-doing, etc.

The applicant should discuss:

  • Scope of the problem to be addressed, relevant background (e.g., current literature, current practices and resources);
  • Approach: project objectives, methods or procedures to be used, a plan for assessing and evaluating project results, innovative elements; “How does it go beyond what is normally expected?”;
  • Outcomes: how the project will benefit EIT InnoEnergy students; expected results and/or further directions that the project might take; a plan for dissemination and/or future funding.
  • Sustainability: What are the plans to extend this innovation, if appropriate, beyond the funding period.

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