Energy in teaching

Pedagogical workshops

Competencies shaping workshops and courses for teachers:

  • Problem Solving workshop – SUT Gliwice (8-9.10.2015);
  • Presentation skills – workshop for teachers – SUT Gliwice (15.10.2015);
  • Art of Presentation and Influence – workshop for teachers – AGH (26.11.2015)
  • Pedagogical evolution toolbox – presentation of pedagogical tools spicing up the teaching process – SUT Gliwice (13.05.2016, October 2016));
  • Case Teaching – workshops theory and practice in case and teaching notes building and teaching with cases – SUT Gliwice (2 series, 23.05.2016, 3.06.2016, 7.06.2016, 14.06.2016, 16.06.2016);
  • Case Teaching Workshop at ESADE Business School, last 31st of March;

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