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Pedagogical evolution toolbox handbook

This publication presents some methods that were tested during the training of teaching team during the workshop „Pedagogical Evolution Toolbox”. It also introduces additional tools to work
with groups in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). All methods have been subjected to critical analysis, to fit the nature of the engineering sciences.

These tools have been divided into three sections according to the purposes of their use. The way they have been assigned is not obligatory – these tools due to their creativity can be modified and adapted liberally depending on the form of work and the goal we want to achieve with the students. We decided to provide footnotes to Internet resources, to allow the reader quick access to alternative forms of use of these tools and to look for examples of how they can be used.

The publication prepared for the InnoEnergy project, available to teachers for free use.

Pedagogical Evolution Toolbox handbook can be downloaded in English or Polish version:

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