Energy in teaching

Pedagogical evolution


The academic staff in any KIC MSc Program is as important pillar in achieving KIC Innoenergy goals. Development of any nations depends on its educational system and teachers are expected to be the European Community builders.

Lack of motivation and commitment can have a negative impact on the students’ learning. Teachers’ contribution in KIC MSc programs development and technological advancement greatly depends on their motivation and willingness for taking initiatives. There are many factors which affect the academician’s motivation which includes class room environment, rewards and incentives, workload stress and administrative policies etc.

The KIC InnoEnergy Master School has the ambition to be the best among all technical sciences courses in the World. As a result expectations to teachers skills and attitude are very high. Therefore teachers are more work loaded with work that others due to additional requirements related to specificity of KIC InnoEnergy programs. They need additional tools as well as motivation.

Teachers are the most important factor in a generation’s education process, so it is important that they perform to the best of their abilities in the educational activity. Each country’s authorities must pay attention to the factors that affect teachers’ performance which has a direct effect on students’ performance.

Current pedagogy MUST change. The most important factor are teachers. They could be part of the answer and as a problem as well. That is why efficient actions towards pedagogical evolution must be focused on teachers – their needs, expectations and problems. Change could be made showing good practice, delivering knowledge and inspiring teachers as well as encouraging them to change the way of teaching. All those factors a together with relevant  actions  are inside the Pedagogical Evolution Toolbox.

PE Toolbox is a set of tools that could be used to motivate teachers to implement pedagogical evolution in their teaching practice and to give them additional skills and knowledge in world best practice in pedagogy. PE Toolbox is designed and conducted as a KIC Innoenergy, Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy MSc program activity but the effects are applicable in all courses in partner universities.


As an effect of project execution the following long term results could be expected:

  • promotion of new teaching methods such as active learning, case teaching,
  • increased motivation of teachers to proceed towards KIC goals,
  • improvement of culture quality in KIC InnoEnergy courses,
  • community building of teachers willing to change and implement  pedagogical evolution.

Short term goals:

  • improvement of teachers’ skills in modern pedagogy field,
  • improvement of teachers satisfaction,
  • improvement of teachers awareness participation and networking,
  • creation and feasibility testing of new pedagogical tools and methods.

Pedagogical Evolution toolbox

The PE toolbox is a set of tools and actions which makes the implementation of new pedagogy easier and more effective. The following elements are “inside” the toolbox:

  • Competencies shaping workshops and courses for teachers – (Presentation skills, Problem Solving, Case teaching);
  • Pedagogical evolution guidebook – (electronic form) showing the most advanced and modern pedagogical tools which could be easily included in standard teaching (Oxford style debate, Ishikawa diagram, FAQ method etc.) ;
  • Inspiration book – record of teachers achievements in implementation of new pedagogy;
  • Teachers experiences exchange meetings and workshops – face to face meetings and presentation of best practice in KIC IE courses;
  • Teachers conferences – participation in pedagogical conferences to increase teachers knowledge on the world best practice in pedagogy, to network, exchange ideas, and to give presentation on KIC contribution to modern pedagogy (promotion of KIC IE). This activity strengthen the teachers’ commitment and motivation.
  • Teachers appreciation activity – activity dedicated to increase commitment of teachers in pedagogical evolution; distinction of teachers highly assessed by students and extensively implementation PE.
  • Teacher benefit project – the pedagogical grants system which goal is to motivate academic teachers to implement modern pedagogical tools in teaching practice in partner universities. The grants are an opportunity for professional development and support to fulfill teachers ambitions in pedagogy.

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