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Study visit in Master – Waste and Energy company

On 21st of March, we went for a study visit to the Master – Waste and Energy Sp. Z o.o. which is a company providing complex services of waste collection and management for 8 municipalities of Silesian Voivodeship. It uses modern technologies of European leaders in waste management and waste-to-energy conversions paying attention to the ecology and environmental safety of the entire process. Their services consist of collecting of municipal waste, segregation including separation of hazardous waste, production of alternative fuels like biogas and RDFs, producing electricity and heat from waste and providing environmental education. All their services are fulfilling the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
We had an opportunity to take a close look at one of the most advanced methods of mechanical and biological waste treatment, starting with the collecting and segregation of mixed type waste, ending with its processing into alternative fuels and raw products. We were guided through each part of the internal and external facilities of the site listening with interest to the descriptions of every equipment given by one of the workers. The enormity of the wastes and working conditions the workers need to face there every day have to lead us to think about our daily waste production and I’m sure that after that day everybody who experienced it would try to care about recycling and waste disposal even more.

How CFAFE students can use the knowledge gained during the training in their future professional life?

Students could see for oneself the process of utilization what makes them more aware of challenges which waste treatment has to face. Students learnt how important is separating materials and what consequences can make improper storing of those.
They obtained information about the scale of this process and products which are produced in this place.

Authors: CFAFE students: Damian Hasterok, Rafał Fingas


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