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Study visit in Guido mine. Real picture of coal!

The Guido mine is a coal mine which was opened in the 19th century. It worked for over 100 years, then it was used as a test site for machinery and now it serves only as a show mine. There are two available levels for visitors: 170 m below ground, which includes seeing the oldest parts mine and hearing about work as a miner, and 320 up to 355 m below ground, which has different stages of development of technology and allows to experience a miner’s workday.

The students had the opportunity to visit the deeper level of the mine. For this, they are given real miner’s outfit, including a headlamp and emergency air tank. Underground, they performed a series of tasks such as moving and mounting water pipes, building a conveyor belt, sawing wood logs and crawling through ducts. The guide explained the importance of those tasks and various equipment, as well as shared interesting stories about the work of miners.

This is one of the best experiences students have during CFAFE programme because gives them the unique opportunity to live in their own flesh how mines look like and how is the working environment there. Working as a miner for a day helps them to learn by doing, which students believe is the best methodology to not forget the knowledge you have learned in the classroom.

How CFAFE students can use the knowledge gained during the training in their future professional life?

Putting aside the knowledge learned about coal and the methods used for its extraction, this visit allows CFAFE students to integrate as a group and work under different environments. From building the conveyor belt to sawing wood logs, communication and understanding between team members are essential to achieving the goals. In simpler words, this experience let them understand the real meaning and importance of effective teamwork, especially when working under pressure.

Authors: CFAFE students: Mayra Alvarez and Piotr Mazur

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