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Scientific Conference EPAE 2016

Environmental Protection and Energy Conference is organized for all young researchers and students who want to improve both their scientific background and presentation skills. Besides, participation in the conference will be valuable experience which may count as component of scientific achievements. Subject area of the conference covers wide problems connected with creation and protection of natural environment and power engineering including particularly their innovative aspects.

The goal of the conference is to share experience and knowledge between each other in the fields like: protection of water resources, soil and air; disposal of waste; renewable energy sources; distributed energy resources; energy efficiency; LCA and many others like impact on environment assessment or dissipated power engineering.
IV Environmental Protection and Energy Conference organized by Silesian University of Technology is going to take place on Friday, 9th¬ December 2016 in CNT building (“Centrum Nowych Technologii“) on Konarskiego 22B Street in Gliwice.

For participants of the Conference we provide catering and gadgets. Moreover, best presentations will be rewarded.


  • Paper published in monograph
  • Rewards for best presenters
  • Catering supplied
  • Nice atmosphere
  • Participation in interesting discussions
  • Presentations in both polish and English
  • Facebook competition


Participation in the conference is free. All scientific workers, postgraduates and students of technological branches whose scientific activity is at high, substantive level are allowed to take part in it.
This year we would like to invite also secondary school students interested in studying at Silesian University of Technology who feel like participating scientific conference before the beginning of their own first academic year.


Participants may present a paper either in polish or in English during parallel, separate language sessions. Duration of a single presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.
Post-conference publications
All papers given during English session will be published in printed monograph while those from polish one will appear in electronic version. Your papers are going to be reviewed. Each author is obliged to deliver full paper until 18th of November 2016 while title of the article should be sent until 11th of November 2016 via application form available HERE.


During conference a few out of all presentations are planned to be rewarded in categories like:

  • best presentation,
  • most interesting subject area,
  • best scientific background.

Timetable of the conference

11th November – delivery of titles and abstracts,
13th November – delivery of papers for the review,
18th November – delivery of the final version of papers,
9th December – IV EPAE Conference


Willingness to participate in the conference should be applied via online application form available HERE or via email contact: epaec2016@gmail.com.
Be aware of fixed timetable: full version of the article has to be delivered until 18th November while application of article’s title is possible only until 11th November.


The conference is going to take place in CNT building (“Centrum Nowych Technologii) on Konarskiego 22B Street in Gliwice.

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Conference EPAE 2016

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