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Rybnik power plant – next study visit

Rybnik Power Station is a power plant located in Rybnik, Upper Silesia, next to the artificial lake that serves as a source of cooling water. It is the biggest power plant in the Upper Silesia region. Power plant consists of 8 blocks that are producing about 7% of the total amount of electricity produced in Poland. It is fired by hard coal and has installed power generation capacity equal to 1.775 MW. Rybnik Power Station has two 120-metre tall cooling towers and two large flue gas stacks, one with a height of 260 metres and another with a height of 300 metres. First four blocks have been installed in 1972-1974.

CFAFE students had the opportunity to see how the conventional coal-fired power plant operates, and what the main components of the cycle are. They were able to see each element in its operation mode, such as a turbine, boiler, generator etc. They were given a detailed description of the power cycle and parameters characteristic for this specific power plant. Students were asking questions regarding economic, environmental and operational issues, and were able to see what the challenges of nowadays energy production environment is.

This trip is of the utmost importance for each energy engineering student because this power plant is a good example of a conventional power generation cycle, which is the basic knowledge that each energy engineer should have. Combining theoretical knowledge with its practical use needs to be present in the studies schedule.

How CFAFE students can use the knowledge gained during the training in their future professional life?

CFAFE students can use the gained knowledge in many sectors of energy engineering. Understanding operational conditions of electricity generation equipment allow to make projects of energetic installations or take care of the maintenance of existing ones.

Authors: CFAFE students: Ewa Pazdur, Marcin Dolata

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