Meet Profesionals

Waste Incineration Plant, Kraków, Poland

Field covered by study visit: waste management and waste to energy systems

When: 1 st year of studies, organizing institution: Silesian University of Technology/AGH, duration: 1 day

Website: http://www.spalarnia.krakow.pl/

220,000 tonnes of the total of 320,000 tonnes of municipal waste generated in Krakow per year is to be burned in the incinerator. For this purpose a system with two incineration lines, each of 14.1 t/h capacity with a design calorific value of 8.8 MJ/kg , is to be built. The infrastructure of the system is also to contain the facilities for treating bottom ash (70,000 t per year) as well as the treatment of residues from flue gas treatment (15,000 t per year). In addition to generating electricity a connection to the district heating network is intended.

The Krakow waste-to-energy plant project was developed to close the existing gap in the community’s wider waste management plan, on the one hand to thermally treat the remaining amounts of residual waste and on the other hand to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and directives.

The capacity of the plant has been extrapolated taking into account the development of the population of the city of Krakow as well as the specific quantities of waste per inhabitant per year up to the year 2030.

The budget of the whole investment project has been set at approximately 150 million EUR.

During study visit students have opportunity to see know operational practice of the most advanced waste to energy system in Europe which secures high level of environmental protection. They will examine advantages and disadvantages of waste incineration as an alternative to other modern waste management methodologies  and their impact on energy balance as well as on the economy.

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