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The Porąbka-Żar pumped-storage power plant, Poland

Field covered by study visit: energy storage

When: 1 st year of studies, organizing institution: Silesian University of Technology/AGH, duration: 1 day

Website: http://www.spalarnia.krakow.pl/

The idea of building Polish pumped – storage was born in pre – war years during the construction of the barrier in Porąbka. One of the first founders was Gabriel Narutowicz who also was supervising the construction. According to his concept it was to be a power of 200 MW, but he did not specify the location of the plant. The main initiator of the construction of pumped – storage in the area of Żar was Kazimierz Dachowski, who in his study, made in 1952, put forward for the first time a proposal for the construction of power plant Porabka – Żar and presented initial concept.

On December 31st 1979, the start-up was completed, and the facility was placed in operation. After nearly 10 years of construction, the Porąbka – Żar power plant became a part of the Polish power system as an important source of peak load and grid stability. The first turbine synchronized with the network state on January 6, 1979. Final acceptance power was on the 31st of December 1979. It is operated by holding PGE.

The upper reservoir is completely artificial reservoir with no natural inflow. It has a shape similar to an ellipse whose short axis is approx. 250 m and a longer around 650 m. The total volume of the reservoir is 2.3 million m3 and the usable volume of 2 million m3.

During visit student will learn about the importance of energy storage and its role in renewable energy implemnetation. The size of investment is impressive. This would be the starting point for students to think about the connection of renewables with other parts of the industry and its economic impact.


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