Meet Profesionals

Power Plant Łagisza, Będzin, Poland

Field covered by study visit: fossil fuels based energy generation

When: 1 st year of studies, organizing institution: Silesian University of Technology/AGH, duration: 1 day

Website: http://www.tauron-wytwarzanie.pl/oddzialy/lagisza/Strony/informacje.aspx

Łagisza Power Plant is one of TAURON Wytwarzanie Departments, located in Będzin. The basic goals of this company are to produce both electricity and heat, transport them and finally deliver to the recipients. Work of Łagisza Power Plant is mainly based on hard coal.

Maximum electric power of this department is 820 MWe and simultaneously heat power at the level of 335,20 MWt. Furthermore, that electric power is based on work of 3 turbogenerators 120 MW and 1 of higher power 460 MW. Bigger unit was planned in August 2001 – time when power plant had 5 turbogenerators of 120 MW.

Installed boiler, BF-1300, was at that time stated as the biggest in size and for sure the first, CFB supercritical boiler in the world. Declared power efficiency of power station equals η=37%. Power unit load is said to be 7,71% as power station internal load at the level of 9,78%. Moreover, TAURON Wytwarzanie think about further investments in this location. The solutions ware delivered by Foster Wheeler.

During study visit students can see the  classic example of the most advanced in the World technology of coal combustion for energetic purposes. The visit could clarify the differences between old and new technologies used in this field as well as examine the progress in environmental protection in fossil; fuels based power industry.

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