Meet Profesionals

MetalERG, Oława, Poland

Field covered by study visit: renewable energy based on biomass combustion

When: 1 st year, organizing institution: Silesian University of Technology/AG

Website: http://www.metalerg.pl

MetalERG is a company specialized in production of wide range of metal elements. The clients of this company are both individual householders and businesses from all over the world. It is a family company and it was established in second half of 20th century, beginning from the workshop placed in garage. After several decades, the company became a large-scale exporter of biomass boilers to different countries located in Europe, Asia, America. Its continuous to develop innovative technologies in the field of renewable energy technology. The students have a chance to see modern solutions applied in the production processes.

Heaters and boilers straw (biomass) is the most important part of MetalERG production. Since 1993, it has built several thousand of biomass boilers and developed a number of solutions, allowing for obtaining thermal energy from wheat straw, corn, rape, willow, wood, wood chips and sawdust. The fruit of this experience there are several types of boilers that meet the various performance requirements, and power requirements. Straw boilers seem to be a very useful devices for farmers who have large cultivation areas, because they can supply the heat to their households and agricultural buildings for free. This solution becomes more and more popular among the farmers, who in the past just burned the excess of straw directly on the field. The huge advantage is fact that energy generated in those boilers are treated as a renewable.

MetalERG is a good example of small but extremely vital and innovative company. The visit could be the inspiration for students and source of valuable information. This could deliver different perspective on implemnetation of renew able solutions to the power system.

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