Meet Profesionals

Hydropower – Water and Energy Nexus Project, Portugal

Field covered by study visit: hydropower plant

When: 2 nd year of studies, organizing institution: IST, duration: 1 day

The Alqueva is based on the principle of multiple purposes and integrated management of its strategic water reserve. Alqueva is blazing trails to water. These are trails that lead to the public mains, by reinforcing five dams that supply water to around 200,000 inhabitants, for agriculture, with an equipped irrigation area of around 120,000 hectares, for industry, for generating clean energy and for tourism. The Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking comprises the following infrastructures: 1) Alqueva Dam: Height – 96 m, Dam length – 458 m, Total capacity – 4,150 hm3, Full storage level – 152 m, Minimum operating level 130 m, Usable capacity – 3,150 hm3, Water surface – 250 km2, Reservoir length- 83 km; Banks – 1,160 km2; 2) Alqueva Hydroelectric Power Station:  Installed capacity Alqueva I and II – 2 x 260 MW, Total: 520 MW, 3) Pedrógão Dam, Alqueva Multi-purpose Undertaking (Alqueva counter-dam): Height – 43 m, Dam length – 448 m, Total capacity – 106 hm3, Usable capacity – 54 hm3, Water surface-11 km2, Reservoir length-23 km; Banks – 118 km; 4) Pedrógão Mini Hydroelectric Plant – 10 MW; 5) General irrigation system: Area – 119,139 ha; Length of primary network – 382 km; Length of secondary network – 1 620 km; Dams and reservoirs – 69; Pumping stations – 47; Mini-hydroelectric power stations – 5.

During study visit students will gain knowledge about the present state of art in energy generation form hydro systems.

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