Meet Profesionals

Study visits

Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy MSc program students have the opportunity to participate in study visits which would facilitate and make the learning process more effective.

The study visit program consist of 11 one day field trips to different location during the first year of studies in Poland both students form Silesian University of Technology and AGH. Filed trips are organized exclusively for KIC Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy program and are shaped in the style which would fit in the best possible way to intendent learning outcomes of the program. During the second year of studied at IST in Portugal students can take part in one field trip.

The review of modern energy installations is focused on vast presentation of real industrial solutions in power generation, mining, boiler construction as research in energy field. The visits are designed as a blend of professional knowledge in engineering, economics, management. This will deliver the multidirectional perspective. To see the real thing is not the same as just listen to lecture!

Our study visits gives students you the opportunity learn about modern industrial solutions and provide examples of principles and good practice that can be used to develop a high quality industrial system. This is a chance to visit innovative companies and meet with experts.

During the study visits students can to make contact with employers in places where they can have an interesting internship or even it could be the starting point of long-term cooperation…

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