Silesian University of Technology

The Silesian University of Technology (SUT) is one of the most prestigious and top-ranked technical universities in Poland, located in Upper Silesia. It is a modern higher education institution with over 70 years tradition in didactics, research and science.

At present SUT educates nearly 23000 students at all three level of study: bachelor, master and doctoral, mainly in the fields of engineering, technology and architecture. All these activities are run in modern laboratories and lecture halls by highly qualified university Staff consisting of 1800 academic teachers. Eleven faculties are located in Gliwice – the main seat of the University – two in Katowice and two in Zabrze.

The Silesian University of Technology is also a place that without any doubts educates successful people. Almost 10 percent of top-managers in Poland graduated from SUT and also its alumni receive the highest salaries in the region and 4th highest in Poland. Recently we have also ranked as the 4th among higher education schools whose graduates are most sought after by employers.

SUT is also a key player in new technologies and innovations. It is here where new ideas and solutions are being brought into life and once applied in industry they boost competitiveness of Polish and International firms.



The Silesian University of Technology is one of the biggest technical universities in Poland. Its rich, 70-year-old tradition makes it the oldest in Upper Silesia and one of the oldest in the country. The foundation of the Silesian University of Technology fulfilled the idea which had been germinating in the heads of the Silesian people for a long time. Because Silesia had great prospects for economic development, the first steps to set up a technical university had been taken as early as the late 1920s – a technical university would have supported this highly industrialized region through scientific research and didactic activities. Eventually, the Silesian University of Technology was founded on May 24, 1945 and Gliwice was chosen for its seat despite initial plans to locate it in Katowice. What made Gliwice stand out from other places in Upper Silesia was the space potential it offered. Here empty buildings, grouped in a small area, could be converted
and used for didactic and administrative purposes as well as turned into halls of residence for students and teachers. Another strength of Gliwice was the fact that academic staff of the Lvov Technical University were resettled here after World War II. The inauguration ceremony of the first academic year was held in Gliwice on October 29, 1945. At the time there were 2,750 students. In 1945 there were four faculties with almost 200 academic teachers:
– Faculty of Chemistry,
– Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
– Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
– Faculty of Civil Engineering


The Silesian University of Technology was founded as the scientific and didactic base for the most industrialized region in Poland and one of the most industrialized areas in Europe: Upper Silesia.
Ten faculties of the Silesian University of Technology are located in Gliwice – the main seat of the University, two in Katowice and two in Zabrze. Besides, lectures are delivered in Bytom, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Rybnik and Tychy, thus covering the whole area of Upper Silesia.
The Silesian University of Technology employs 1,875 academics, including 173 professors and 228 assistant professors with DSc degree.
So far, the university has to its credit over 158,437 graduates, 4,240 PhD degree holders, and 716 DSc degree holders. The main strength of the Silesian University of Technology is the wide range of courses it offers and the superior quality of training it provides. The university has invariably been the top of Polish technical universities and it has been classified high in the ranking of higher education institutions. Its strong position has been confirmed by considerable academic achievements of its outstanding specialists and their numerous successes.
The superb quality of teaching is ensured by the qualified academic staff, close ties with a lot of scientific centres in Poland and abroad, and by scientific research aimed at active cooperation with industry. Favourable conditions for such cooperation have arisen from the fact that the university is right in the centre of the biggest industrial region in the country and one of the biggest in Europe, which enables close scientific cooperation in a range of fields.

The Silesian University of Technology is a key player as far as new technologies and innovations are concerned. It is here that new ideas and solutions are being brought into life and when applied in industry they boost competitiveness of Polish firms. The studies at the Silesian University of Technology give an excellent basis for a future career. There are 28,404 students in 48 fields of studies which encompass the whole range of engineering activities. Four faculties run courses in English, thus adjusting to the European educational market and encouraging foreign students to join. Thanks to the student exchange scheme, our students can study in almost any country in Europe, in one of 180 universities which cooperate with the Silesian University of Technology. Studies at the Silesian University of Technology give ample opportunities to broaden one’s interests.

During the academic school year the university is vibrant with activities inspired by Student Self Government and lots of student organizations. There are 20 different student organizations and over 100 scientific associations. Moreover, students have at their disposal a choir, a music band, a dance band and a theatre. The campus is one of the biggest in Poland, with 13 halls of residence and 3,500 places.

The Silesian University of Technology is also an ideal place for sports enthusiasts. There are 20 different sports sections, such as aerobics, badminton, curling, judo, karate, running, mountain cycling, men and women basketball, alpine skiing, handball, football, swimming, chess, men and women volleyball, contemporary dance, table tennis, and triathlon. Thanks to numerous sporting achievements of our students, the university has come top of the Academic Championships of Polish Higher Education Schools.


Faculty of Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Architecture
– Architecture and Urban Planning
– Interior Architecture

Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science
– Automatic Control and Robotics
– Biotechnology
– Electronics and Telecommunication
– Informatics
– Information and Communication Technology
– Automatic Control, Electronics, Telecommunication and Computer Science (in English)

Faculty of Biomedical Engineering
– Biomedical Engineering

Faculty of Chemistry
– Biotechnology
– Chemistry
– Chemical and Process Engineering
– Chemical Technology
– Industrial and Engineering Chemistry (in English)

Faculty of Civil Engineering
– Civil Engineerinf (In Polish and English)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
– Electronics and Telecommunication
– Informatics
– Mechatronics
– Power Engineering
– Electrical Engineering (In Polish and English)

Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering
– Biotechnology
– Safety Engineering
– Environmental Engineering
– Mechanics and Machine Design
– Environmental Protection
– Power Engineering (in Polish and English)

Faculty of Materials Engineering and Metallurgy
– Interdisciplinary studies: Industrial Informatics
– Materials Engineering
– Metallurgy
– Management and Production Engineering
– Industrial Informatics

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
– Automatic Control and Robotics (in Polish and English)
– Applied Computer Science and Computational Materials Science
– Materials Engineering (in Polish and English)
– Mechanics and Machine Design (in Polish and English)
– Mechatronics (in Polish and English)
– Nanotechnology and Materials Processing Technologies (in Polish and English)
– Management and Production Engineering

Faculty of Mining and Geology
– Mining and Geology
– Safety Engineering

Faculty of Organization and Management
– Administration
– Logistics
– Sociology
– Management
– Management and Production Engineering

Faculty of Transport
– Transport

College of Foreign Languages
– Philology

Institute of Physics – Centre for Science and Education




Academic Entrepreneurial Incubator
Biomedical Engineering Centre
Biotechnology Centre
Career Guidance and Student Promotion Centre
Centre for Advanced Security and Defense Technology
Centre for the Education in Mechatronics
Central-East Europe Civil Aviation Personnel Education Center
Central Library
Computer Centre
Education and Congress Centre
Engineering Education Centre
Foreign Languages Teaching Centre
Geometry and Engineering Graphics Centre
Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre
New Technologies Centre
Printing House
Project Management Centre
Prosumer Energy Centre
Publishers of the SUT
Sports Centre



  • In our 12 dormitories lives over 3000 students.
  • At the campus area you can find: eating establishments, shops and service-providing facilities, student clubs, a health centre.
  • 1 km distance to the Main Square, 15 minutes by feet to the Faculty of Energy and Enviornmental Engineering.
  • Student Centre CKS MROWISKO is a great place to go to Theatre or music club SPIRALA in our Campus – they are the heart of student culture.
    Silesian University of Technology has its own dormitories which are managed by the university’s administration. The dorms may differ from one another in standard.
    Double and triple rooms are the most common offer, number of single rooms are very limited.

    The dorms are located within the University Campus, 10 minutes by walk from the faculties.

    Room equipmentRooms have such basic equipment as: beds, a desktop, a wardobe, bedclothes and sheets, a chair, a desktop lamp, heater (in the winter season). Kitchen is not equipped with cutlery, pots, pans or crockery. Fridges are partly available in the dormitories – not every room/ dormitory has it.

    Kitchen and bathrooms sometimes common for the whole floor. Each student house has facilities such as TV room, gym, ping-pong room and each room has Internet access.

    Access to the Internet
    In order to gain access to the Internet follow the instructions:

    • have a computer with properly installed network card (wired),
    • buy the network cable which connects computer to a socket,
    • print and fill in application form using CAPITAL LETTERS; to fill in application form  you will need the MAC address your network card,
    • application form deliver to network administrator (Polish student who lives in the same dormitory as you; his/her room number is well-known to the dormitory’s staff) in person,
    • connection to the network is free of charge.





1 – 1st place among all universities located in Upper Silesia in terms of average wage received by its graduates. (Sedlak & Sedlak)
2 – 2nd place among all universities in Poland educating top managers (‘Rzeczpospolita’)
4 – 4th place among all higher education schools whose graduates are most sought after by employers (’Wprost’)
6 – 6th place among all higher education technology schools in Poland (‘Perspektywy’)
16 Faculties including 2 colleges and 1 research and didactic centre
26 student organizations
31 sport sections
51 fields of studies
142 full professors
151 students’ science associations
218 international partner universities
616 doctoral students
1711 academic teachers
3368 places in SUT’s dormitories




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