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Solution for Gliwice Smog Problems

The book is an effect of Pre Diploma Project module conducted by prof. Krzysztof Pikoń. This is example of challenge driven education approach implemented as a part of pedagogical evolution implementation in CFAFE program. Students faced the real problem of smog in Gliwice. They were asked to analyse problem, make diagnosis and serach for sullutions. The whole activity was conducted in learning by doing manner and according to project based learning approach.

In the first phase, students collected the information about the different regions of the world. All work group members were prompted to collect data from different spheres of the world regarding the sources of smog and the problems these countries faced due to this. Moreover, the groups were also asked to present the solutions that were implemented in those regions in order to counter the problem of smog. We came to know about many new ideas and technologies that were being implemented across the globe, from China to Greece and from Stuttgart to Ukraine, we analyzed regions with high density of smog to regions which are practically smog free. Combining the knowledge of all these technologies and methodologies, we proceeded to our next part.

The second phase of the project consisted of proposing different solutions for the smog problem in Gliwice. For this part, we divided our colleagues into five groups and multiple solutions were asked to submit from their prior knowledge and last phase. Initially, three solutions were proposed from each group, which were discussed in our meetings with our CEO. Finally, one solution was nominated from each group and was asked to proceed with technical details. Moreover, the KPIs were decided and every group had to make sure to achieve them with their proposed solution.

The final result of the activity is a book which contains the problem analysis, samples of solutions taken from different parts of the world and finally the proposed model of solution for Gliwice city. The technical data is accompanied by economic calculations, feasibility study and SWOT analysis.

>> Solution for Gliwice Smog Problems 

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