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Contemporary Problems of Power Engineering and Environmental Protection – 2016

This monograph is a result of Conference „Environmental Protection and Energy”, held on December 9 th 2016 at the Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering of Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. It was 4th edition of the Conference which is co-organized by students of Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy MSc program as a part of project based learning implementation activity. The conference was a real success in numbers: nearly 160 scientists participated and more than 90 presentations were given during the Conference.

The monograph consists of 24 chapters discussing different issues related to energy in environmental context. The chapters are sometimes surprisingly holistic, some of them are extremely specific. This reflects the young spirit of authors who come from different universities and countries and have different perspective in looking at the power sector. What unites them is the passion to science and strong will to make a change. We are glad that we could help them and we hope that the experience of participating in conference and contributing this monograph will serve as an inspiration for future achievements in dealing with environmental and energy challenges.

The monograph is a result of “learning by doing” manner and “project based learning” implementation in CFAFE program according to pedagogical evolution principles. It was created by students and contains students manuscripts.

The book could be downloaded HERE

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