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In order to implement robust entrepreneurial education and increase behavioural competencies and skills of students as well as present the current industrial practice, in the CFAFE program students are obliged to have 2 months mandatory industrial internships. The number of credit points (ECTS) that student get after successful completion of internship is 8.

The main purpose is to give student practice in business environment together with shaping practical skills related to engineering practice. Positions in this activity are assigned responsibility for providing engineering expertise, guidance and technical assistance. Students should perform engineering tasks and by reviewing and evaluating the work of consultants, contractors and facility operators, under the supervision of a professional engineer.

The internship is intentionally linked with the master thesis and should be treated as a introduction to the master thesis performance. During the internship the support to students form the industrial partner is granted.

As a apart of learning by doing approach students are required to search individually for the place to have internship. Due to game changer profile of CFEFE students it is advised to do the maximum effort to complete this task. However, If any of students would fail to do it , the assistance form the home university staff will be granted.

Generally internships must by carried out in companies securing quality and  the highest possible level of fulfilling the internships goals and must be related to the power industry. The place for internship must be accepted by CFAFE coordinator at home university.

The functions performed by student in this job will vary but may include the following:

  • Develops, prepares and/or reviews engineering plans and designs for structures, facilities and/or systems.
  • Develops, prepares and reviews reports and studies to identify and recommend engineering solutions.
  • Performs engineering inspections of systems operations and of structures and facilities during construction.
  • Implements statutes and regulations.
  • Reviews applications and issues permits.
  • Performs physical and chemical tests to assure the quality of construction and facility operations and ambient conditions.
  • Reviews engineering program activities to make recommendations for changes in policy and procedures.

Conducts engineering research and provides technical assistance to consulting engineers, contractors, public officials, municipalities and industry.

This is the Engineer-in- Training level where incumbents will initially perform a variety of routine engineering tasks in a training status under close supervision. Incumbents will perform basic engineering tasks such as the review of less complex plans, performance of basic engineering calculations, the writing of permits, the performance of computer modeling, and the inspection of parts of an engineering project.

The companies supporting CFAFE program in internship delivery activity are presented in following sub-chapters. Note that this list is not closed and students could search for internships in other companies accepted by the CFAFE program coordinator at home university.

TAURON Distribution S.A.
Tauron Group is an energy holding company in Poland. It is headquartered in Katowice. The company owns power and heat generation and distribution, and coal mining assets through a number of companies, particularly in south-western Poland. TAURON Company is one of the largest Company in Poland which produces, sells and distributes electricity.

EDF Group
The EDF is one of the largest companies in energy sector in the world. It has 158,161 employees around the globe and spends €650 million on R&D a year to proof commitment to delivering cutting-edge energy solutions. The EDF Group in Poland comprises of some of the largest power plants and heat and power plants in Poland. EDF holds 10% of the share in the electricity market, and 15% of the share in the district heating market in Poland.

Belonging to PBG Group the largest European boiler manufacturer, RAFAKO S.A. offers complete power generation units including units for supercritical steam parameters. The company offers design and manufacture of a wide range of boilers, including PC boilers and fluidized bed boilers as well as flue gas cleaning systems including FGD, SCR plants and electrostatic precipitators

MetalERG is medium scale company focused on innovation specialized in production of wide range of metal elements. Quantitatively, the most important product of the MetalERG constitute straw boilers, which production gave the acceleration to the business thanks to its reliability and ecological characteristics.

PKP Energetyka
PKP Energetyka has been active on the Polish market since 2001. The main task of the company is to sell and supply electricity to traction and business customers. PKPE also specialise in power engineering services.

Genoa Spark Lda is a start-up company specialized in developing customized solutions for customers in the areas of electronics, mechanical design, product development and IT.

SPYRA PRIMO Poland Sp. z o.o.
SPYRA PRIMO Poland Sp. z o.o. since 1983 produced pipes and fittings of plastic elements for the construction of telecommunications, energy underground cable installation, the network of pipelines to transport natural gas and water, construction of pressure sewage.

REMAK S.A Przedsiębiorstwo Modernizacji Urządzeń Energetycznych, Zarmen Group which is located in Opole. The main activities of the company are: installation, modernization and repair of steam boilers. As one of the few companies in the country have also admitted to carrying out the work in accordance with US standards ASME.

Foster Wheeler
Foster Wheeler Energia Polska, located in Sosnowiec is a polish company being a part of international enterprise with its seat in Switzerland. Foster Wheeler Energia Polska is the company dedicated to boiler technology what guarantees know-how at the highest possible level in the country but not only. Thanks to being the part of bigger enterprise company gives polish energy sector direct access to the up-to-date engineering achievements.

The company was established as a special purpose vehicle under the name of PGNiG Poszukiwania S.A., which was subsequently combined with five upstream companies of the PGNiG Group. The potential of these five companies, built up over many years of well drilling work carried out in Poland and on selected European markets, as well as in Asia and Africa, was combined to form a single business organism.

Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal
The Institute is located in Zabrze, participates in the realization of research projects of priority importance to economy, which are dedicated to the efficient use of fossil, renewable and alternative fuels. The competences of the Institute are focused on thermal processing of various fuels by means of gasification, pyrolysis and combustion.

Company located in Gliwice. One of the main features of this institution is the human resource with experienced staff. About 120 employees are on board.

Thermal power company (Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej w Gliwicach)
The power company delivering heat to urban areas in Silesian region. Company is using advanced technology in energy generation on the basis of fossil fuels with implemented high efficiency systems with low emission solutions.

Hamitabat Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret A.S.
Hamitabat Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret A.S. owns and operates Hamitabat Power Plant and generates thermal power. The company is based in Lüleburgaz, Turkey. As of March 12, 2013, Hamitabat Elektrik Üretim ve Ticaret A.S. operates as a subsidiary of Limak Dogalgaz Elektrik Üretim A.S.

Alliance for Rural Electrification
The Alliance for Rural Electrification (ARE) who represents the decentralised clean energy sector with members along the whole value chain, was founded in 2006 to act as a solution provider in order to advance access to clean energy and energy services in developing and emerging countries.

Shell Business Operations
Shell Business Operations (SBO) Krakow sits at the centre of Shell’s global businesses, providing an operational backbone to our essential business functions. SBO-Krakow covers a number of core Shell business functions: Finance Operations, Customer Service, HR Services, Order to Delivery, Contracting and Procurement.

Tractebel Engineering S.A.
Tractebel is a global engineering consultancy company with more than 150 years of expertise in energy, water and infrastructure projects. Tractebel’s services cover the whole lifecycle of these projects, from feasibility studies to decommissioning.

SBB ENERGY, dawniej Remak-Rozruch S.A.
Company has been running its business activity in the power sector and industry for 20 years, providing services in the field of commissioning, erection/installation and various types of specialist works.

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