case teaching

How we teach

The general teaching concept of the program is to deliver skills and competencies rather than pure knowledge. In addition to expert engineering knowledge and skills we are delivering additional behavioral and business competencies. This is done by inclusion in standard curriculum elements of new pedagogy, special courses and additional workshops.

If classic pedagogy is based on lecture or audiovisual classes the knowledge retention rate is rather low – what can be seen on learning pyramid figure. That is why we decided to carry on the pedagogical evolution program in partner universities. As a result we moved form the top of learning pyramid to lower part – which means that the knowledge retention rate is much higher. Out teaching is based on learning by doing in principle. Many classes are organized in PBL (Project based learning) manner. We are implementing case teaching as well.

Example of project based learning is Project Management course. In 2016 it was conducted as a practical creation of conference for young scientists.

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