Project Management (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

The aim of the course is to skills and competencies relevant to management in business sector shaping teamwork and leadership skills. Module provides knowledge and core methodologies in the field of project management and provides the real experience in leadership and teamwork. Course overarching objective is to provide basic project management skills with a strong emphasis on issues and problems associated with delivering successful projects mainly due to proper leadership, teamwork and human resources issues. The course is designed to provide an understanding of the particular issues encountered in planning projects and to offer students methods, techniques and ‚hands-on’ experience in dealing with them. Module make students to understand how leadership practice could be applied but also that it has depth and is grounded in higher education research, business and value creation.

Content of the course:

Project Management introduces project management from the standpoint of a manager who must organize, plan, implement, and control tasks to achieve an organization’s schedule, budget, and performance objectives.

Tools and concepts such as project charter, scope statement, work breakdown structure, project estimating, and scheduling methodologies are studied.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the role that projects and project management play in accomplishing the company’s strategic objectives, taking into account the various types of organizations such as functional, matrix, and project structures.
  • Define the importance of leadership.
  • Assess major schedule, cost, and performance risk elements and understand the approach for managing risks using qualitative as well as quantitative techniques.
  • Develop an approach for managing a high-performance project team.
  • Establish ways of monitoring schedule and cost performance using earned value techniques, and
  • Determine key elements of a communications plan to keep stakeholders abreast of progress, problems, and controls.
  • Use project management software to plan, implement, control, and report on a project.
  • Establish a closeout strategy that will maximize the value of the project experience to the organization by capturing best practices and lessons learned.

Competencies shaped:

Project is carried out in Project Based Learning manner. Students are divided in groups with elected leader – project manager. The whole project is organized in a way of a real enterprises with positions of CEO, manager etc. Students are creating all necessary documentation and perform all activities on the basis of project management rules. The project is kept in learning by doing manner – students are performing real actions in real world. The main goal is to organize the scientific conference for young scientists form different locations all over Europe. Students should deliver the full report on the performance containing description of KPIs and its fulfilment, description of all activities, executive summary and conclusions.

  • Leadership skills and competences.
  • Entrepreneurship skills and competences.

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