Advanced Mathematics (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

To provide students with basic methods of optimization and solving of differential equations encountered in analysis of engineering problems. Moreover students are informed about probability and mathematical statistics, theory and methods of estimation as well as processing of measurements results and improving their likelihood.

Content of the course:


Design variables, objective function, equality constrains, classification of the optimization problems. Linear programming. Minimization of function dependent on one variable. Minimization of function dependent on many variables without and with constrains. Fundamentals of genetic and evolutionary algorithms.

Lectures are conducted in an interactive way with use of audiovisual tools. During the lecture problem questions/topics are raised, students take part in the discussion and brainstorms, trying to find solution/answers, assess existing solutions as well as develop critical thinking. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions which are  moderated by the tutor. Students will be able to assess the dynamic nature of complex systems and change over time. They will be able to apply the tools and concepts of system dynamics and systems thinking in their present lives.

Computer laboratory

Projects: problem formulation and minimization of function dependent on one design variable, problem formulation and linear programming, problem formulation and solution of set of two differential equations

Estimation of probability distribution parameters. Determination of confidence interval of expected value and variance. Improving of measurements confidence applying coordination method.

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