Business Planning (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

This module course will gives students the skills to conduct a feasibility analysis, identify financial requirements, and complete all aspects of the business plan from executive summary to operations and company structure. The module makes students to use in a systematic way business skills to recognize, assess, develop business opportunities in relation to all dimensions covered in the project (market, customer, competition, environment, human and material resources)

Content of the course:

Utilize screening and feasibility tools to effectively conduct a feasibility analysis to determine the worthiness of a potential new business idea.

Complete a business plan including an executive summary, industry and market analysis, a marketing strategy and plan, operations plan, product/service development plan and company structure.

Identify the financial requirements of a new business and develop pro forma financial statements (e.g. income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, etc.)

Business planning is organized in Learning by doing manner. Students receive the introductory classes on principles of business planning and supporting materials including samples and templates of business plans. Then are asked to create business ideas for startups in energy or related sector. In next step students are working on the business plan containing all necessary parts. During this activity the support form teacher is secured in “on demand” manner. Next step is preparation of business pitch. Then students are supposed to produce the final version of business plan and deliver the business pitch to business creation jury. The jury consist of real business creation staff of venture capital organization. This part is performed in cooperation with CC Poland plus, Innoenergy staff responsible for business creation, which helps in assessing the idea, business plan and business pitch quality and is involved in assessment of learning outcomes and OLOs together with assessment of entrepreneurial potential of students.


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