Combustion of Fossil And Alternative Fuels (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

The course is aimed at delivering the most recent information on the co-combustion of biomass or waste together with a base fuel (coal) in a boiler. The module makes students to show ability to use knowledge, ideas and technology to create or significantly improve products, services, processes or business model.

Content of the course:

Lectures: Theory of combustion (and co-combustion), principle of different methods of co-combustion, principles of biomass and fuel properties, advantages and disadvantages of co-combustion, environmental and technological impact of co-combustion.

Lectures are conducted in an interactive way with use of audio-visual tools. During the lecture problem questions/topics are raised, students take part in the discussion and brainstorms, trying to find solution/answers, assess existing solutions as well as develop critical thinking. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions which are  moderated by the tutor. Students will be able to explain the dynamic nature of complex systems and change over time.

Seminar: Multimedia presentations prepared and given by students connected with different aspects of co-combustion in boilers.

Project: Research on co-combustion of waste agricultural biomass and sewage sludge in the power engineering boiler. New innovative solutions should be proposed by students. Proposal will be assessed by tutor who will conduct discussion about obtain results with the rest of the group. Students will be required to make assessments and values judgments of solutions proposed by their colleagues according to their knowledge and competence as well as their personal experiences. Solutions should contain technological, economic and  environmental part. This makes students to think in a  multidimensional way taking into consideration different aspects both technological as well as economic and environmental. This finally should lead to creation to new product or service which does not exist on the market.

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