Gasification and Pyrolisis (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

The aim of this curse is to deliver the knowledge on solid fuels gasification chemistry and technology including fixed bed, fluidized bed and entrained flow gasifiers

Content of the course:

The course consists of lectures and project. During the lectures the following problems are discussed:

  • Stoichiometry of gasification which allows determination of gas composition under simplifying assumptions such as chemical equilibrium. Main parameters which characterize gasification are defined as well.
  • Gasification chemistry which covers the area of fuel devolatilization and heterogeneous reaction at the fuel surface. The special attention is laid on the difference between gasification in air and in oxygen.
  • Gasification technologies which deliver the knowledge on main types of gasifiers constructions including fixed bed, fluidized bed and entrained bed.

The second part of the course consists of individual student work supervised by the teacher. During the classes students should prepare project of gasification process, which includes: technology selection, mass and energy balance, gas composition prediction, as well as selection of commercially available devices which are suitable for analyzed case.


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