Heat and Mass Transfer (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

To provide students with advanced phenomena of heat and mass transfer. Practical methods of determination of the heat and mass fluxes in complex technical applications and emphasized.

Content of the course:


Transient heat conduction problems. Heat transfer in fins. Boiling and condensation heat transfer. Fundamentals of thermal radiation. Selected problems of heat exchangers. Fundamentals of mass transfer – analogy between heat and mass transfer, mass diffusion and Fick’s law. Mass convection and correlations for mass transfer coefficient. Mass transfer through phase change front. Basic information about absorption.

Lectures are conducted in an interactive way with use of audiovisual tools. During the lecture problem questions/topics are raised, students take part in the discussion and brainstorms, trying to find solution/answers, assess existing solutions as well as develop critical thinking. Students are encouraged to participate in discussions which are  moderated by the tutor. Students will be able to assess the dynamic nature of complex systems and change over time. They will be able to apply the tools and concepts of system dynamics and systems thinking in their present lives.

Problem solving classes

Calculation of the heat flux in transient processes. Calculation of heat flux dissipated by the fin. Calculation of the heat transfer coefficients in boiling and condensation processes. Heat exchangers designing and rating. Calculation of the radiative heat fluxes. Calculation of the mass transfer coefficients and analysis of absorption processes.

Additionally three laboratory demonstrations are carried out. These are: analysis of condensation process and determination of the overall heat transfer coefficient, analysis of boiling and determination of heat transfer coefficient, investigations of screens functioning.

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