Modern Boilers (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

An introduction to various aspects of design and operation of power boilers.

Content of the course:

The course is devoted to modern boilers (steam generators) in clean coal power plants. The students will be given a comprehensive information ranging from very basics of combustion and heat transfer theories, through designs of respective low emission power boilers to finally principles of safe and reliable boiler operation. An emphasis will be put on large, high-capacity power boilers as they are commonly used in modern fossil fuel power plants. The technologies tackled will comprise pulverized fuel boilers, fluidized bed boilers as well as stoker boilers.

The course is divided into lecture (theory) and project (modeling, calculations) parts.

Lecture cover: Theory of modern, low-emission power boilers and auxiliary devices; Fuel properties; Basics of combustion and heat transfer; Basic principles of primary and secondary methods of NOx reduction; Principles of steam generation; Design of furnaces: pulverized, fluidized, stokers and boiler auxiliary devices; Calculation procedures for boilers; Operation and modernization of power boilers.

Lectures are conducted in an interactive way with use of audiovisual tools. During the lecture problem questions/topics are raised, students take part in the discussion, trying to find solution/answers, assess existing solutions. Discussion is moderated by the tutor.

Project works include: Practical exercise in calculations and design of boilers; Calculations of heat transfer in boiler heating surfaces; Calculations of pulverized fuel furnace. Calculations should be made on the basis of literature data obtained for different sources and transformed according to needs. Economic evaluation of different solutions made during designing process. Assessment of market demand for specific types of boilers. Assessment of chances for business creation in the sector. Project will be made in groups with elected leader. Tasks will be assigned according to competences as well as leadership skills.

Project: Thermal and flow calculation of convection and radiant surfaces in the boiler.

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