Pre-Diploma Project (SUT, year 1)

Module description

Course objectives:

This module is designed in a form of a project conducted by teams under the leadership of project management and is focused on solving the real program (challenge). The challenge is always related to the issue which is important to the industry, society and economy. The main objective is to deepen the making value judgments skills and the knowledge already gained in other modules of the program, shape the multidimensional thinking taking into account technological, economic, environmental and social issues and implement analytic skills, making value judgments together with the art of presentation, discussion and shaping teamwork skills. The module improves skills in gathering information in a real life situations on needs to be covered and problems to be solved. Finally students makes the proposals on how results could improves things. The invented solutions should address main challenge in relation to customer, problem, functionality, business model and development.

Content of the course:

The module is designed in challenge driven education style with elements of project based learning.

The whole group of students receive the common challenge. During first classes the challenge is detailed discussed and the KPIs are established. Then the whole group is divided in to working groups (teams) and the leaders are nominated together with the leader of the whole group (project manager).

Teams are solving the same problem independently. Finally the challenge solution is delivered by all teams and is compared with each other. In addition all teams should deliver SWOT analysis and feasibility study. The pitches on elaborated solutions is delivered by all teams. This makes the internal competition between teams. The comparison is made on the basis of defined previously KPIs. Finally the whole group is creating the common report with clearly indicated responsibility parts. The common conclusions and executive summary is crated on the basin of contribution of all teams and finally delivered by project manager.

The solution relevant to the challenge should be assessed valued to all relevant stakeholders.

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