Business planning in energy sector (AGH year 1)

Module description

The main objective of the course is to bring the entrepreneurship component to the Module card – Bussiness planning in energy sector
students by teaching them how to prepare a business plan for a project in the power sector.
The course consists of introductory lectures and a project. During introductory lectures students will be acquainted with the most important issues in business planning i.e. vision, description of the business, economic analysis and business plan preparation and presentation. Lectures will concern the following subjects:
1. Introduction to business planning. Scope and evaluation rules. The role of the business. Corporate social responsibility.
2. What is the business plan and what it is used for. Functions of the business plan. Discussion of the golden rules to keep in mind in writing a business plan.
3. Introduction to the business model. Determination of the value chain, vision and targets.
4. Description of the business. Competitive advantage. The product/service. Positioning in the value chain.
5. Market description. Market segmentation and targeting.
6. Determination of actors in a game – direct/indirect competitors and allies.
7. Economic analysis. Revenue and cost models. Cash flow calculation.
8. Presentation and analysis of the case studies.
9. Presentation of templates for preparation of the project of the business plan and financial calculations.
During lectures students will be involved in analysis of case studies and will be encouraged to interact with each other and with the lecturer.
Project classes
Students will prepare and defend a business plan. At first students will be asked to prepare a number of different ideas for their business. They will present them and after brainstorming presentation of ideas they will select one that they will work on in groups.
During preparation period, the students will be given consultations (on campus or, on demand by distance learning). The teaching material will be available at the Subject website. The course will be finalized by two meetings. During the meetings all students will present and defend the prepared business plans in front of the committee consisting of invited professors and possibly industrial representatives. Projet of business plan company from energy sector is evaluated in terms of technical economic ethical and is evaluated its influence on sustainable development in the energy sector. Experts are additionally, they will be asked to write a personal short paper on their experiences of the team work and giving own examples of their taking the responsibility and they prepare short raport evaluating the project for economic technical and ethical. An expert report is then discussed in the classroom and on the basis of his plan bisnes company is corrected. Students learn the methodology of assessment of business plan and they develop a skills correct assessment of the project.

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