Chemistry of coal (AGH year 1)

Module description

Course overview
The aim of the course is to acquire a fundamental knowledge on the structure, properties and chemistry of coal and carbonaceous materials.
Students should:
1) understand coal structure models and the genesis of natural coal, carbonaceous materials sources and physical and chemical properties of coal and carbonaceous materials;
2) understand the influence of different parameters of coal structure on the applicability of coals; and
3) be able to carry out and interpret basic physico-chemical analyses of carbonaceous materials.

Lectures content are:
• Introduction to coal technology, nomenclature and classification
• Theory of coal and organic derivatives genesis and metamorphism.
• Modern models of coal structure.
• Lignite and hard coal structure and microstructure.
• Carbonaceous natural fuels classification and sources.
• Texture and chemistry of coal surface.
• Carbo-chemistry of coal (coal treatment).
• Introduction to coal liquefaction and gasification.
• Review of coal derivatives and semi-products. Modern carbon materials.

Laboratory classes
The determination of:
• Density of hard coal by pycnometry.
• Decolouring properties of hard and active coals.
• Wetability of hard coal.
• Specific surface area of hard coal.
• Elemental analysis of hard coal.
• Surface groups of hard coal.
• Self-ignition of hard coal.

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