Fluidization and Solid-Gas Systems (AGH year 1)

Module description

1. Introduction to the Phenomenon of Fluidization
2. Industrial applications of Fluidized Beds
3. Fluidization and Mapping of Flow Regimes
4. Fluidized Bubbling Bed Modeling
5. Solid Vertical Transport in Gas Phase
6. High Velocity Fluidization
7. Particle–to-Gas Heat and Mass Transfer
8. The RTD and Size Distribution of Solids in Fluidized Beds
9. The Design of Noncatalytic Gas-Solids Reactors

Project classes
Each student will be provided with a set of pdfs containing lectures and technical data concerned with fluidization phenomenon. Students are then required to use the data for the process calculation and specific problems solution. The students will use MathCad engineering code for this practical activity.

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