Gasification (AGH year 1)

Module description

Lectures will dwell on the most important gasification technologies as the way of solid fuels (lignite, coal, biomass) conversion to refined gas (synthetic gas, methane, hydrogen), liquid fuels and energy (IGCC). World balance of primary energy sources; General characteristics of solid fuel conversion processes, status and perspective of gasification technologies. Solid fuels for gasification processes: characteristics, classification and methods of fuel analysis.
Fundamentals of biomass and coal gasification: mechanism and reactions of gasification, coal and biomass pyrolysis, thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of
gasification, bed types, feed systems, process classification, process selection, gasification criteria. Overview of industrial gasification technologies.
Coal upgrading for gasification reactors; steam and oxygen production for coal gasification. Syngas upgrading: gas impurities, gas quality requirements for chemical syntheses and IGCC, cooling processes, removal of acid gases. Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC), gas from coal gasification for chemical applications; hydrogen production by coal gasification; Gas to Liquids Processes GTL. UCG – Underground coal gasification. Biomass gasification: kind of fuel, fuel input, application, feedstock related problems; Overview of commercial gasification technologies of biomass gasification and co-gasification of coal and biomass. Utilization of by-products and waste treatment; Environmental performance of coal gasification; Techno-economic assessment of coal gasification processes.

Project classes
Each student will be provided with research papers and books as well technical data concerned with particular gasification processes and units. Students are then required to prepare and present the process design and/or mass and energy balance for a selected process of coal or biomass gasification and syngas upgrading.
Projects – content:
1. Development of the process concepts and process chains of coal/biomass gasification technology for different applications:
– Generation of chemical products (NH3, H2, SNG, MeOH, liquid fuels)
– Co-generation process (heat and electricity production)
– Poly-generation process (heat, electricity and chemical production)
– IGCC without and with CCS
2. Drawing up of mass and energy balances for selected coal/biomass gasification systems
3. Evaluation of the techno- and eco-efficiency, economic of gasification processes
4. Process modelling of coal or biomass pyrolysis and gasification including thermodynamics laws and chemical reactions principles.

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