Photovoltaic Solar Energy (IST year 2)

Module description

At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • select and use the solar radiation data and models better suited for each application;
  • recognize the physics of the solar cells;
  • interpret the results of the photovoltaic modules certification;
  • technically evaluate commercial solar modules and systems;
  • design standard photovoltaic systems as well as new systems to fulfil specific energy needs;
  • use software to design photovoltaic systems.Program
    1. Solar radiation
    1.1. Solar geometry and components of solar radiation
    1.2. Instruments for measuring solar radiation, solar radiation data and solar radiation models
    1.3. Radiation characteristics of opaque materials and radiation transmission through glazing; effects of the angle of incidence and of dirt
    2. Fundamental Properties of Semiconductors
    2.1. Crystal structure and energy band structure
    2.2. Conductionband and valenceband densities of state
    2.3. Equilibrium carrier concentrations
    2.4. Light absorption
    2.5. Recombination
    2.6. Carrier transport
    2.7. Semiconductor equations; Minoritycarrier diffusion equation
    2.8. Epnjunction diode electrostatics
    3. Solar Cell Fundamentals
    3.1. Solar cell boundary conditions
    3.2. Generation rate
    3.3. Solution of the minoritycarrier diffusion equation
    3.4. Solarcell characteristic
    3.5. Interpreting the solar cell characteristic
    3.6. Properties of efficient solar cells
    4. Energy Collected and Delivered by PV modules
    4.1. PV generator behaviour under real operation conditions
    4.2. Off grid and On grid PV systems
    4.3. Key System Components
    4.4. Principles of System Design
    4.5. Reliability and sizing of standalone PV systems
    4.6. Energy yield of grid connected PV systems.
    5. Additional topics
    5.1. Third generation solar cells and recent developments in solar cell energy
    5.2. Solar thermal electricity


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