Waste to Energy (IST year 2)

Module description

To supply the students with stateoftheart knowledge and information on the science and technology behind the valorisation of the energy of nonhazardous
and hazardous wastes. This course will be interlinked with the course on “Alternative Fuels”.

Main issues on the different types of wastes and physical, chemical and biological characterization and management tools including recycling and reuse, either directly or by chemical processing. Treatment of solid wastes to produce a uniform recovered fuel. Standard and advanced technologies* to recover energy from wastes. Production of fuels with high biomass content; special issues concerning wastes with high water content and drying techniques for the production of solid fuels. Production of liquid fuels from wastes – thermal and catalytic pyrolysis of various types of wastes; thermal and catalytic degradation of plastic wastes to obtain liquid fuels. Production of gaseous fuels from wastes – introduction to aspects not covered in the “Alternative Fuels” course. * this topic will include issues like the direct use of wastes by incineration or coincineration including waste to Energy in the Mass Burning Incinerators, Chemical Process details and Gas Cleaning alternatives to comply with environmental regulations and process design to minimize Dioxins formation and Fly ash inertization


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