List of courses IST – year 2

IST, Lisbon, Portugal, Year 2

  1. Economy and Energy Markets, No of ECTS 6
  2. Decision Support Models, No of  ECTS 6
  3. Biofuels, No of ECTS 6
  4. Energy storage, No of ECTS 6
  5. Photovoltaic Solar Energy, No of ECTS 6
  6. Technology Based Entrepreneurship, No of ECTS 7,5
  7. Waste to Energy, No of ECTS 6
  8. MSc dissertation, No of ECTS 30The remaining ECTS are chosen by the students (list of curricular units of specialization or complementary group). The learning path is shaped individually in a way securing full and complete fulfilling of all learning outcomes and OLOs.

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