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Silesian University of Technology (SUT), Gliwice, Poland, Year 1

  1. Project management. No of ECTS 3
  2. Economics. No of ECTS 2
  3. Advanced mathematics. No of ECTS 4
  4. Business planning. No of ECTS 3
  5. Combustion Of Fossil And Alternative Fuels. No of ECTS 3
  6. Environmental Impact & Thermoeconomic Evaluation In Energy Sector. No of ECTS 4
  7. Fundamentals of numerical methods. No of ECTS 4
  8. Gasification and pyrolysis. No of ECTS 4
  9. Heat and mass transfer. No of ECTS 5
  10. Mathematical modelling of energy installations. No of ECTS 4
  11. Modern boilers. No of ECTS 4
  12. Optimization of Combustion Processes. No of ECTS 4
  13. Pre-Diploma Project. No of ECTS 4
  14. Review of modern energy installations. No of ECTS 3
  15. Social communication. No of ECTS 2
  16. Technologies of clean combustion. No of ECTS 2
  17. Internship. No of ECTS 8
  18. Energy Recovery from Waste No of ECTS 2
  19. Air Quality Impact Assessment No of ECTS 2

AGH University of Science and Technoogy, Kraków, Poland, Year 1

  1. Environmental Protection in Energy Sector, No of ECTS 3
  2. Computer modelling of technological processes, No of ECTS 2
  3. Advanced coal technologies, No of ECTS 4
  4. Business planning in energy sector, No of ECTS 5
  5. Unconventional Hydrocarbons, No of ECTS 2
  6. Chemical reactors, No of ECTS 4
  7. Chemistry of coal, No of ECTS 2
  8. Catalysis in fuel industry and air pollution control, No of ECTS 5
  9. Biotechnology, No of ECTS 2
  10. Fluidization and Solid-Gas Systems, No of ECTS 4
  11. Gasification , No of ECTS 5
  12. Carbon dioxide mitigation technologies, No of ECTS 2
  13. Advanced liquid biofuels, No of ECTS 3
  14. Industrial internship, No of ECTS 6

Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST), Lisbon, Portugal, Year 2

  1. Economy and Energy Markets, No of ECTS 6
  2. Decision Support Models, No of  ECTS 6
  3. Biofuels, No of ECTS 6
  4. Energy storage, No of ECTS 6
  5. Photovoltaic Solar Energy, No of ECTS 6
  6. Technology Based Entrepreneurship, No of ECTS 7,5
  7. Waste to Energy, No of ECTS 6
  8. MSc dissertation, No of ECTS 30
    The remaining ECTS are chosen by the students (list of curricular units of specialization or complementary group). The learning path is shaped individually in a way securing full and complete fulfilling of all learning outcomes and OLOs.

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