Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy program participates in organizing annual conference for young scientists Environmental Protection and Energy. This gives our students chance to prepare papers and give presentation in front of international audience. Each year in conference participates more than 150 scientists form many countries. This is definitely valuable experience for students who can learn how to prepare manuscript, answer to reviewers comments and finally prepare and give presentation. Students paper after reviewing process are published in a form of a book – Contemporary Problems of Power Engineering and Environmental Protection.

The Conference is a special event, because it is practical example of implementation of new didactic methods. The event was organized in “learning by doing” manner and according to “project based learning” requirements. Students created a virtual company which has conducted practical project aimed to organise the Conference. Students were divided into working groups, with leaders and the project manager. Full documentation of project was also created. Even publication is prepared in 100 percent by students.

The Value of such approach to teaching is  that students experience the heavy burden of responsibility and have possibility to see practical effects of their work. They can notice why precision planning is important. They face the consequences of their mistakes and they have to react is crisis situations. For students this was not only learning of project management theory with elements of risk management but also soft skills like teamwork and leadership. This was a “playground” for students to learn how to act in real life environment.

Conferences were organized in years 2014, 2015, 2016.

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