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Gliwice is a medium size city of nearly 200 thousand inhabitants. The city is an important scientific, research and design centre in Poland. Thanks to Silesian University of Technology Gliwice, it is the second (apart from Warsaw), agglomeration of technical intelligence. During the last 20 years Gliwice has transformed from a city based on heavy industry into a leader in new technologies. On the other hand, Gliwice is also well known for its cultural life. Many festivals, concerts, exhibitions and other art activities take place in the town. Numerous famous Polish artists other interesting persons (e. Nivea cream inventor) originally come from Gliwice. Results of many surveys show that Gliwice is one of the most attractive cities in Poland. The city has a rich history of nearly 800 years. Throughout that time it has undergone several historic transformations. The Silesian Piast Monarchy, the Kings of Bohemia, the Austro–Hungarian Empire, Prussia and Germany have ruled it. The city has again become a part of Poland in 1945. Gliwice is an unique place, where tradition, multicultural heritage, science and modernity intermingle, creating its one-of-the-kind atmosphere of the attractive place to study and live.

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