energy in career

Your path to the future

As a student of MSc Energy Transition, you receive an advanced education in all relevant engineering topics as well as benefitting from solid training in a variety of innovation management and in-demand business skills.

On successful completion of the programme, you will be equipped with the following important and in-demand abilities, attributes and experiences, from which you can launch your career in a wide range of business or research settings:

  • Extensive understanding of the principles and practices of the operational stages of low-emission combustion, clean-fossil and new-generation fuels.
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest renewable technologies and how they work alongside other energy sources like coal, biomass, and waste-to-energy systems.
  • The ability to evaluate the economic, policy and regulatory frameworks that apply to improving and implementing clean fossil and new-generation fuel projects.
  • Extensive hands-on experience and interaction with industry.
  • The ability to develop and follow a business plan designed within the energy field.
  • The ability to solve problems and work in a team, as well as extensive leadership capabilities.
  • The ability to conduct a dialogue with specialists in the supply chain, including politicians, engineers and regulators.

MSc Energy Transition graduates are therefore well prepared for a career in energy production and environmental protection, either working directly in the industry or as a researcher. The programme’s comprehensive innovation and business modules enable you to easily find your bearings in today’s business environment, enhancing the value of your CV or résumé still further.

Here’s what just a few of our students and graduates have to say about their experiences studying for the MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuel Energy (soon to be MSc Energy Transition.)

Serkan Duyar, graduated 2014, currently CFD engineer at Tümosan

“During the MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuel Energy programme, I learned about different processes: chemical, combustion, reactions and so on, which is very useful in my current work. MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuel Energy is a highly qualified education, whether the business side or the engineering side, and being part of it is very beneficial in every way.”

Daniele Novara

“I think the Master’s programme is very well focused and aimed. It’s a great community, something that European citizens can be proud of. I’m really happy to be here and having the opportunity to study the subjects I study.”

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