Alumni testimonial

Radomir Rogus, graduated 2018

„Taking part in the InnoEnergy MSc school was not only a vital step in my professional life, but also an unforgetable adventure. Actually, from the moment I started my first internship during the CFAFE studies, there was no moment of downtime or hesitation what to do further; the only problem is to choose the best one from wide range of possibilities opened for you. Right now, I occupy the position of inspector for energy markets in the biggest coal mining company in Europe, witnessing the process of its transition towards clean technologies. Undoubtedly, the experiences and skills gained during the MSc studies helped me to stand out and attract potential employers. These studies are definitely for you if you’re eager to manage your career on your conditions. Besides, the people creating the program (lecturers, assistants, colleagues) will always help you in achieving your ambitions. I guarantee you will not find a better conditions to start-off your career.”

MT, graduated 2017

„Studies in prestigious Universities in Poland and Portugal enable to gain double success. International contact with students as well as participation in challenging tasks together give a truly international education and prepares us for further career in energy sector.”

Magdalena Maj, graduated 2017

„I am a graduate of a prestigious master program studies InnoEnergy with a specialization in Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy. I did my diploma thesis in cooperation with a Dutch company, a partner of InnoEnergy – Micro Turbine Technology BV. After my internship there, I received an offer of a permanent job. Even though the possibility was interesting I decided to choose another chance and now I am working in CEZ, Prague. Foreign studies provided by InnoEnergy has opened many doors for me. This would be impossible or hard to obtain having only Polish master’s diploma. I also improved my languages skills and I learned how to cooperate in the diversed environment. I believe that all these factor has contributed into my career success.”

Alessandro Pan, graduated 2017

„Having attended this master has taught me many things, from the professional but as well from the personal point of view. In the past two years I lived in three different countries, and this experience gave me an overlook on things that are impossible to learn otherwise”.

Viktor Kadek, graduated 2017

„I have studied in 4 different European countries since 2011. Experience from every country was obviously unforgettable, but taking into account the professional part and the academic attitude, I will always recommend studies in Poland first. It was very practical orientated with minimum „boring“ theory. Shortly, focus on „learning-by-doing“ was visible in Poland (SUT) the most!”

 Milan Zlatkovikj, graduated 2017

„The year spent in Poland is for sure the best academic year and by far the most practical. Plenty of plants and companies visits combined with organization and participation on conferences. Interactive and practical classes made the studying process more interesting and more effective,

The gained knowledge and qualifications are appreciated on the job market. With this program I gained in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, and my career goal is to work in energy consulting.”

Daniele Novara, graduated 2016

Daniele is from Italy. After studying both technical and project management courses, the idea of being an entrepreneur in the field of sustainable energy seems much more attainable.

Why is sustainable energy important?

Did you ever see that graph with a line showing how much C02 was produced in the history of mankind. It was zero for hundreds and thousands of years, and then an incredible peak. Even if the main problem is not C02, fossil fuels are something that are eventually going to run out and will be the cause of many wars or troubles around the world, so it’s better if we can start getting rid of them as soon as we can.

Can you tell me more about the business challenge you are involved in?

It’s a challenge run by the London School of Economics for a business idea, which has to have some positive impact on the environment. My friends and I developed the idea of breeding crickets to use for human nutrition. We were selected for phase two which means that we were among just 30 proposals that they accepted. We had to put together a business plan and make a one-minute pitch video to convince the judges that our idea is great.

What have you learned from this project?

The most important thing was the business plan: getting to know what it’s used for and how you make it. Another aspect was the importance of communication: how to present our ideas. We made a video of ourselves explaining what our business idea was, with animations. We also created a website and infographics to explain these things. Even if we are not selected for the next phase, I feel that I learned something.

What does entrepreneurship mean for you?

It means trying to make something out of your ideas. Everybody has some moments when they come across some brilliant idea or have a feeling that something should be changed or something new introduced. Last semester we had some seminars on entrepreneurship. One with a psychologist and with a consultant. It was really amazing.

Could you see yourself being an entrepreneur in the future?

Yes I could. I would really love to. Those seminars on the programme made me think that it’s really possible. I also want it to have an ethical aspect, so I feel that I am making something good not only for my business but also for other people or the environment.

If you were given a billion euros, what would you invest it in?

Yes I could. I would really love to. Those seminars on the programme made me think that it’s really possible. I also want it to have an ethical aspect, so I feel that I am making something good not only for my business but also for other people or the environment.

How is innovation important in the field of renewable energy?

People say that in Europe we have a problem because we get the higher electricity prices due to the research on energy and renewables. But they just don’t see the fact that investing money now will become an advantage in the future. We are developing new technologies that will eventually be needed all around the world. Thinking about the future is important, you don’t have to only focus on global competition or the present day.

What is your overall opinion of the programme?

I think the programme is very well focused and aimed. It’s a great community, something that European citizens can be proud of. I’m really happy to be here and having the opportunity to study the subjects I study.

Serkan Duyar, graduated 2014

On innovative and strong education

According to Serkan, the courses in entrepreneurship and business, and bring together people from different cultures is what really makes the programme so innovative. “Just being able to learn about success stories from different entrepreneurs, what has made them reach their goal and how they approach different situations makes the programme a really strong education,” he says.

Serkan feels very lucky to having had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world at the business courses in Spain. He points out that being able to meet students from other countries, cultures and from different technical fields, and being able to share ideas with them, has been crucial and highly beneficial for his education.

Highly qualified

Serkan highly recommends the programme to anyone who is interested in a new way of thinking about energy and sustainability. “MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuel Energy is a highly qualified education, whether the business side or the engineering side, and being part of it is very beneficial in every way. Unlike regular Master’s programmes, you get the conferences where there is a chance to meet a lot of different people. You get the extra courses in entrepreneurship to help you learn about starting up your own business,” he says, “Not everyone gets that chance.”

New perspectives

The different perspectives and frames of references that come from meeting people from different cultures and fields of interest, give the students an opportunity to make significant contacts and networks during their studies, which has been extremely useful for his career. “I can now easily work with people from all over the world because I know their culture,” he explains.

Good reference

Serkan says he has also learned a great deal when it comes to the technical aspects of his work, gaining knowledge about all of the different processes in detail. “During the programme, I learned about different processes: chemical, combustion, reactions and so on, which is very useful in my current work,” he says. Working on his thesis on diesel combustion in heavy-duty engines at Scania has been a great reference for the job he now has. “What I have learned at Scania opened the way to get my current employment at Tümosan,” Serkan explains.

The future is renewable energy

Serkan is convinced that the energy solution to future challenges lie in renewable energy sources, and technology transfer between researchers. He points out: “Each country produces energy in the way that it is available, depending on their energy capability. There needs to be cooperation for renewable energy transfer among them.” He also thinks there should be a mutual, global agreement to increase the amount of renewable energy production and, as an engineer, he wanted to take responsibility for clean energy production. This was his motivation for studying a Master’s degree related to energy. “The solution should come from engineers, we are all a part of sustainability.”


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