Connecting you to industry

MSc Energy Transition has strong partnerships with internationally renowned companies, research institutes, power plants, and manufacturers, who actively participate in the programme to ensure it remains current and relevant to our students’ needs – and to their own.

Partners are involved in curriculum design, selection processes, teaching, internships, support for Master’s theses, and job opportunities. Students also have opportunities to engage with industrial partners at networking events, guest lectures, and study visits.

Industrial Advisory Board

MSc ET programme is supported by Industrial Advisory Board that provides a forum for interaction between programme and leaders from industry and business. Meetings and discussions with IAB take place to keep the programme coordinators informed of the latest trends in industry, to discuss recommendations for curriculum development and to review and validate program goals and objectives.

Continuous review and improvement of our programme focuses mainly on curriculum design, master thesis project proposals, students internships within the industry and invited lectures from the industry. IAB advises on the evaluation process of the candidates applying to our programme and also plays a crucial role in the promotion of MSc Energy Transition among companies and institutes.

The Industrial Advisory Board is focused on  contribution to the entire life-cycle of ET, by participating actively in:

  • Design and development of the curriculum
  • Promotion of the programme
  • Selection of the best students
  • Tuition in the form of, e.g., lectures, seminars and supervision
  • Internship during summer breaks or master thesis semester
  • Master thesis project proposals and supervision
  • Transition to the labour market

The core partners actively involved in IAB are:

LOTOS is one of the largest enterprises in central Europe with the revenue reaching 10 bln USD a year and profit on the level of 500 mln USD in 2017. LOTOS is a petroleum company engaged in the extraction and processing of crude oil as well as wholesale and retail sale of high quality petroleum products. Is a producer and supplier of, among others unleaded petrol, diesel oil, diesel oil for heating purposes (light fuel oil), aviation fuel and heavy fuel oil. The company also specializes in the production and sale of lubricating oils and bitumens.

RAFAKO has been always tied to power generation industry offering design and manufacture of boilers and environment protection plants. Since 1993 RAFAKO S.A. is a joint stock company which shares are quoted
on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Since 2011 RAFAKO S.A. belongs to PBG Group.
RAFAKO is a leader on the Polish power generation equipment marketand the biggest boiler producer in Europe. Ca. 80% of boilers operated by Polish utilities had been delivered by RAFAKO. The Company is also a leader within the field of flue gas desulfurization plants based on wet lime and semi-dry methods.

is a French-based utility company which operates largely in the water treatment and waste management sectors. Company revenue reaching 16 bln USD.  Suez shares are listed on the Euronext exchanges in Paris and Brussels. SUEZ supports industrials in a co-construction approach, to improve their economic and environmental performance and help them to progress towards the circular economy. Company offer to cities and territories a smart and sustainable way to manage their resources and helps them to rise to their challenges: delivering quality water and waste services for all, creating new local and renewable energy sources, progressing towards the circular economy and the sustainable development of our regions…

Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal participates in the realization of research projects of priority importance to economy, which are dedicated to the efficient use of fossil, renewable and alternative fuels. The competences of the Institute are focused on thermal processing of various fuels by means of gasification, pyrolysis and combustion. The prior strategy of Institute is to gear its research field to the development of low-and zero-emission heat and electrical energy production technologies, including clean coal technologies, CO2 capture and storage (CCS) and utilization (CCU) systems, as well as energy production from renewable resources.

METALERG is a family business operating since 1967. Until 1987 the company operated construction – plant maintenance. In the eighties, business profile gradually transformed into metal and plastics processing. In 1993 we purchased a license from the Danish company SKELTEK the production of organic straw-fired boilers, wood and other biomass EKOPAL RM. Since that time, company produce biomass boilers, extending the range of assortment. A significant number of boilers are exported abroad, to countries like Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Scotland, Czech Republic. Metalerg offer efficient and economical straw air heaters as well. Company is also a manufacturer of medical equipment. Offer world-class reducers for medical oxygen cylinders, used in medical facilities and by rescue units.

ICS Industrial Combustion Systems was founded in 2007 in Poznan, mission of the company is to deliver proven, reliable, innovative combustion solutions to heavy industry customers throughout the whole Europe with a high respect. ICS’s offer includes: combustion systems for metallurgy as well as heat treatment for steel and non-ferrous metals industry, combustion systems for ceramic industry, combustion systems for petrochemical industry, waste gas incineration systems, emission reduction systems for power boilers, and much more…


NEW ENERGY TRANSFER Sp. z o.o. As the first and only company in Poland produce adsorption chillers dedicated to working with district heating networks. During 4 years successfully commercialised innovative tree bed adsorption chiller technology – from concept to product. Cooperate with district heating sector, industry chambers of commerce and administration, promoting and disseminating the benefits of using heat to cooling solutions for the purpose of air conditioning. NET is realizing the idea of improving energy efficiency by means of sorption technology. As the first in the country they supplied large capacity absorption heat pumps for energy applications and series of commercial adsorption chillers for air – conditioning.

ENERGO-MONT Sp. z o.o. Sp. K.  


Summer internships

During their first summer in the MSc Energy Transition programme, students complete a two-month internship at leading companies in the field of power engineering, research institutes or laboratories. The internship gives students insight into industrial reality and current best practice.Companies and research bodies, including SUEZTauron, Lotos, ICS Industrial Combustion Systems, and EDF Polska are actively engaged in the programme, as are Rafako Group and Amec Foster Wheeler now Sumitomo, as well as smaller innovative firms such as MetalERG. The Alliance for Rural Electrification and the Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal also play a key part in the programme.

Structured study visits 

During the programme, you have the opportunity to visit some of the most up-to-date facilities in Poland, Austria, Germany and other central European countries. A total of 11 structured visits are arranged over the two years of study, covering the full range of modern energy installations, from traditional fossil-fuel based power plants to energy-storage facilities and the best examples of renewable energy in use. The visits give students a valuable perspective on the practical, technical and environmental aspects of contemporary power plants. Visits include: Bełchatów, the largest lignite power plant in Europe; the Porąbka-Żar hydroelectric power plant; Łagisza power plant, the world’s first supercritical circulating fluidised bed project and the world’s largest circulating fluidised bed boiler; the Guido coal mine,Tychy Master and many more….

Master Thesis

MSc Energy Transition encourages you to undertake your Master’s thesis with a relevant company in the field, which can be the same company at which you did your internship. Working on the thesis gives you privileged access to some of the most prestigious companies, research centres and installations, whose experts act as mentors of your research. So far our students worked with:




Instytut Projektów i Analiz Sp. z o.o.




Instituto de Soldadura e Qualidade (ISQ)



Tabaqueira, Philip Morris International





ATO5 Astigiano Monferrato water authority
CCAM water utility
ASP water utility

Rentricity Inc.

PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna



Challenge projects

Students are set real-world challenges by our partners, which enhance both problem-solving skills and awareness of all the technological, environmental and economic factors involved in the decision-making process, and how they interact together. Students are asked to consider a particular real-world challenge, call on historical and current information to propose the most feasible solution, and then justify their proposals to the company setting the challenge. Specialists from various fields are also available to help develop the proposed solution. The results are compared to the path the challenger took in real life. The challenges are based on the case method of teaching, which emphasises problem-oriented, project-based learning.

Master’s School Connect

All first-year students studying for an InnoEnergy Master’s School programme get together to launch the semester, together with teachers and industry experts from across the entire energy value chain. Each year MS Connect is organized in different city and different University.

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