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MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy, one of the seven programs offered by KIC InnoEnergy Master School, focuses on the important aspects of energy production. It gives engineering students cutting-edge knowledge as well as the ability to develop entrepreneurial skills and innovative thinking in the fossil-based power industry and renewable resources fields.

The program primarily focuses on technologies that lead to the efficient and low-emission thermal and chemical conversion of fossil fuels and biomass at all levels and stages of the operation, as well as the application of unconventional hydrocarbons e.g. shale gas together with alternative fuels. Taking to the consideration fact that about 50% of primary energy in EU is now generated from fossil fuels this program is extremely important to deliver the engineers that could lead transformation of the power systems from fossil fuels current state to the sustainable future based on renewable sources.

The MSc program delivers a unique education characterized by high academic achievement while at the same time fostering consideration of global responsibilities and sustainable development. The programme’s integration of engineering skills, innovation, entrepreneurship, behavioral skills and its close cooperation with industry make the graduates ready for immediate engagement in industry as well as important leadership roles. Students of the programme not only receive an advanced education in all engineering aspects of the topic, but they also benefit from solid business skills training in innovation and entrepreneurship, and intensive involvement and close collaboration with industrial partners as well as gain behavioral skills. In addition students have a chance to act in international teams and gain multicultural, global preservative. The international journey during the studies include mobility plan with location during the first year in Poland and in the second in Portugal and in addition several international meetings with students  and industrial experts from all over the World.

The objective of MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy is to educate game changers, i.e. people who will play a key role in lowering energy costs, reducing emission including CO2 and increasing energy security, by developing and launching disruptive products, services and new companies. The second objective of the program is to improve teaching standards in the program and to introduce new pedagogical tools and to deliver additional skills to teachers. As a result of further industrial involvement and work of Industrial Advisory Board the syllabus of the program is constantly improved. The trainings organized for teachers constantly improve teaching quality towards challenge driver education and learning by doing concept. New features of the program have been successfully implemented. This includes new courses and modification of courses content, strengthening the industrial supervision over internships and master thesis.


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