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Miners’ Shift – study visit at Guido Mine

Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy students have visited the Guido Coal Mine. This mine is 355m beneath the surface, with a second level representing a 19th-century mine which makes it the deepest visiting mine in Europe.

During the study visit, students have had the opprotunity not only to see how the coal mine works, but they have worked for a couple of hours as a real miners. In addition, they could see the impact of environmental consequences of mining activity as well as being informed about the connections with other parts of economy.

It was second trip implemented as part of the subject Review of modern energy installations. Before that, student visit ICHPW – Institutte for Chemical Processing of Coal.

Institute deliver the innovative knowledge and technologies supporting carbochemical, power generation, mining and waste processing industries ensuring the efficient use of fossil, renewable and alternative fuels.

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