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Master´s School graduation ceremony 2017

Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy graduates:

Magdalena Trzcionka
Paweł Rodak
Maria Kolmer
Milan Zlatkovikj
Magdalena Maj
Viktor Kadek
Alessandro Pan
Dagmara Pokviczau
Muhammed Kabir Bello
Keerthivarman Veerappanchatram Kaliappana
Yasha Dave
Krzysztof Trzepizur
Petar Keković
Vipul Gupta

“There are more than 100 people in this room who are better equipped than anyone else on this planet to have impact. You have the strength, knowledge and business innovation skills to drive shape the future – for us and for yourselves.”

With these words Henrik Svensson, Manager of the Master’s School, welcomed 131 graduating students into the Innoenergy alumni community on December 1 2017.

The graduation ceremony, celebrated at Barcelona’s iconic Forum, is the culmination of two intense years, which have seen students from all over the world pursue Master’s programmes in sustainable energy and energy engineering across seven disciplines – an immersive learning journey that extends across 14 European universities, three world-class business schools and more than 70 business and research partners.

This year’s graduates of Innoenergy Masters programmes in clean fossil and alternative fuels, in nuclear energy, in energy technologies, in renewable energy, in smart electrical networks, in environmental pathways for sustainable energy systems and in smart cities collectively represent more than 45 nationalities.

“We have formed a connected worldwide community that we will always be able to depend on,” said Slovak engineer Viktor Kadek, accepting his MSc in Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels. “Two years ago we didn’t know how much this experience was going to change our lives. Today we have the skills and knowledge to create a better world. We face the same challenge as we did when we set out on this journey, and now we’re hungry to do something about it.”

Compatriot and fellow graduate Kamila Wilczynyska, accepting her Master’s in Nuclear Energy agreed: “Our purpose now is to dream big, work hard, go step by step and change the future together.”

Master´s School graduation ceremony 2017

Join us in congratulating the 131 graduates of the Master’s School yesterday in Barcelona“You are shaping the future – for us and for yourselves” Henrik Svensson, Master´s School manager#energygamechangers

Opublikowany przez InnoEnergy Master's School na 2 grudnia 2017

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