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MASTER-Waste and Energy study visit

The study visit to “MASTER-Waste and Energy” biological and mechanical waste treatment plant in Tychy was the 4th industrial visit of the semester held on Thursday, 12th April, 2018. The study visit was split in two parts; we were showcased two short videos, with the first pertaining to the background and commissioning of the plant and the latter depicting the various processes carried out at the facility. The second part included a presentation by their personnel aided by a translator further providing details of the plant. Afterwards a guided walk-through tour of the plant was conducted in support of the technical staff and translator. The participants were provided with ‘Personal Protective Equipment’ (PPEs) during this stage of the study visit.

The study visit to the waste treatment plant was extremely educational and thoroughly engaging for the participants. It served as an opportunity to experience a fully functional waste management system which acts as a beneficiary to the city on a multiple levels; from electricity generation, waste handling, recycling and reducing emissions. Students also utilized this occasion to interact with the workforce and gain quintessential insight into the professional environment. The students now grasp the importance of proper and efficient waste management and recognise the significance of municipal waste from a financial and energy perspective.

The visit started with an introductory videos and presentation about the commissioning of the plant, the processes involved in collection, separation, sorting and storage of waste, fermentation of biogas from organic fractions and generation of electricity from the resultant biogas, composting of garden waste, r energy recovery, and lastly the finances involved in the construction of the plant. Then the tour of the facility started under the supervision of a technical guide and translator, who explained each plant process in great detail. Participants visited individual sections from waste handling system, fermentation unit, composting site and landfill area. In conclusion, the students had the chance to relish an extremely fascinating experience.

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