Master thesis

General description

The master thesis is prepared at two universities at the same time (SUT-IST or AGH-IST), Each MSc CFAFE student have two academic master thesis supervisors – one from each university where the students studied during the 2 years programme. The academic supervisors are responsible for guiding students through the process of writing the thesis, by helping students with aspects such as choosing a subject, formulating research questions, and analysing the data. Academic supervisors are involved in the process right from the start of the master thesis writing to the master thesis defence.

Students enrolled in MSc CFAFE have to complete an industry internship before graduation. The goal is to give the students the opportunity to acquire industry practice in complement of the academic knowledge. The internship takes place during the first year of studies, and aims to facilitate students’ immersion in the professional world, develop a sense of teamwork and most important familiarize students with the industry requirements, procedures, problems and applied solutions. The aim of the Internship is to bring the student into contact with the professional work environment in the industry but also to gather information and skill in order to use the acquired knowledge in their master thesis. All students must submit a letter of confirmation from the company and internship report in order to acquire 8 ECTS.

The fundamental requirements

for the master thesis in CAFE program (according to universities regulations) are:

  1. the topics of diploma theses are approved by the head of the relevant organizational unit, who is authorised by the Dean,
  2. a student completes the diploma thesis under the supervision of the academic teacher,
  3. a student have the opportunity to complete the diploma thesis under the supervision of an academic teacher with an academic title or degree, in collaboration with another specialist from outside the University especially from industry,
  4. the supervisor proposes the grade for the thesis; in case of a negative grade, the thesis is sent to a reviewer appointed by the Dean or a person authorised by him; at least one of them should have an academic title or a degree of PhD,
  5. in the case of negative assessment of the diploma thesis by the reviewer, the Dean shall appoint another reviewer for the thesis. The grade is an arithmetic average of the reviewers’ grades, moreover the thesis is assessed positively if the average grade is not lower than 3.00.

Master thesis in CFAFE program is based on solving real technical problems with strong support from the industry. The internship is intentionally linked with the master thesis and must be treated as an introduction to the master thesis performance and industrial assistance in master thesis.

According to EIT requirements towards learning outcomes, students should pay special attention to specific elements of skills that should be developed during didactic process. They are:

  1. ability to identify short and long term future consequences of plans and decisions form an integrated scientific, ethical and intergenerational perspective and to merge this into a solution focused approach
  2. ability to think beyond boundaries and systematically explore and generate new ideas
  3. ability to use knowledge, ideas or technologies to create new or significantly improved products, services, processes, policies or new business models
  4. ability to transform innovations into feasible business solutions
  5. ability to uses cutting-edge research methods, processes and techniques towards new venture creation and growth and to apply these also in cross-disciplinary teams and contexts
  6. ability to transform practical experiences into research problems and challenges.

Master thesis should contain elements going towards innovation and knowledge triangle together with entrepreneurship approach. MSc Thesis should especially contain:

  1. Content showing ethical perspective and theoretical concepts in relation to the tapioca of the work or its results. Consider and discussion of future consequences of these in different situations and/or different social groups form sustainable perspective OR Content showing a solution focused approach. Content relating the value proposed in thesis to several relevant stakeholders including producers, customers, shareholders, communities, ecological systems or policies appropriate.
  2. Novel or unique idea used to create new knowledge or knowledge that cross boundaries OR Invention of solution to address and solve project main challenges (customer problem, functionality, business model, development).
  3. Content showing project driven according to dimensions of customer problem/solution discovery (including in relation to the product technical development) and market discovery (related to strategic thinking) in ways that are relevant for situation OR Create new (not existing in the market) products, services, processes, policies or entirely new business model.
  4. Content addressing key steps in his BM/BP/BD activity. Plans, diagnosis, recommendations or actions should be well supported and appropriate. Content identifying appropriate strategies for risk reduction. OR Content showing systematic usage of analytical business skills to recognize, assess and develop business opportunities in relation to all dimensions covered in his project: market, customer, competition, environment, human and material and technical resources.
  5. Content showing application of cutting-edge research methods and giving evidence of deep knowledge and understanding of R&D (research and development) trends and game players in the ICT field. OR contents showing application of appropriate research methods throughout the project.
  6. Content showing that work is clearly focused and grounded in the information gathered on real life situations or student’s own experiences about needs to be covered or problems to be solved as well as content showing how results of work could improve things.

Student should include elements quoted above in Master Thesis and underline them in proper and extensive form.

Student should be ready to indicate and present this content in the Maters Thesis. The short report containing discussion on fulfilling the quoted above requirements with precise indication where they are present in the Thesis should be delivered together with Master Thesis.


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