Housing Information in Lisbon

Below you will find some rooming suggestions to assure that you find the most adequate accommodation for your housing needs. Finding a room in Lisbon upon arrival, can be a overwhelming. We suggest you start looking into housing immediately. Regrettably you should not consider the student residences because they are limited and strictly for students from extremely poor countries with no financial support whatsoever.

The Mobility Office (NMCI) has selected for your convenience a few student apartments: try to search for the ones which are closest to campus, preferably with other students to facilitate your integration in everyday academic and social life. The majority of the rooms proposed are walking distance to University. The landlords are reliable and have a reasonable command of the English language. This will minimize potential communications issues in the future.

From the apartments listed below, select the room which best suits your needs. Consider what is being offered, size, facilities and services, location and price. Contact them directly, ask questions and inform them of your intention to reserve one of the rooms. Follow the procedures and request a formal residence letter, if you require VISA (you may have to pay 1 rent in advance to reserve a room). You will need this letter in order to apply for the VISA, as you will be requested to provide your address in Lisbon. Note that these are only suggestions and you are free to browse the internet and select any apartment or room you want, but at your own risk.


PAID SERVICES* (service fee is charged)
*www.uniplaces.com (25% service fee discount when ISTUL code is used)

If you have any accommodation-related questions, please contact: 

Ana Barbosa: ana.barbosa@tecnico.ulisboa.pt
Ágata Nicolau: agata.nicolau@tecnico.ulisboa.pt

*Neither the IST nor any of its staff members has any authority to make or give any representations or warranty whatsoever as regards the properties listed or otherwise or whether rent levels are accurate. We cannot be held liable for any problem or dispute that may arise because of accommodation, but we are readily available to help with communication between landlord and student.


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