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2018/2019 academic year opening ceremony

The celebration of the official inauguration of the academic year 2018/2019 for SUT and AGH students of MSc CFAFE programme took place on 12th October in AGH, Cracow.

Celebration was open by:  PhD Krzysztof Pikoń programme Director, PhD Karol Sztekler and Dean of Faculty of Energy and Fuels Professor Wojciech Suwała. Students have chance to meet DSc Marta Wójcik – Deputy Dean as well as other professors: Grzegorz Jodłowski & Tomasz Szmuc.

Krzysztof Pikoń presented to students structure of the programme, types of skills and competences that students will acquired and the tools provided to achieve the expected programme outcomes.

Afterwards, PhD Jarosław Zuwała from Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal made a presentation about the reasons why coal will still be one of the essential fuels used in the energy sector even though the world is moving towards using cleaner alternatives such as renewables, gas and biomass technologies. According to predictions, during next decades the share of coal used in energy production will reduce but its usage will remain significant. Long transition period requires creating new and developing old technologies not only in terms of combustion but also in thermal and chemical processing of fossil fuels.

We wish our students and the whole academic community a happy new academic year!

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