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13th International Conference on Boiler Technology

During Boiler Conference there were lots of presentations related current issues of construction and operation of boilers, from professors and company representatives. Coal burning as the main source for electricity generation has led to various environmental problems, although the regulations of emissions are becoming even more stringent, our efforts of developing renewable energy should not be left behind.

MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy students participated in this Conference from 22nd to 25th October. Conference took place in  Szczyrk Orle Gniazdo Hotel.

Participation in events such as 13th International Conference on Boiler Technology can be very beneficial for young students who are only beginning their journey through either world of science or business. The event gathered a great number of engineers and specialists who shared their knowledge and ideas which was a perfect opportunity for students to learn from these professionals. Students could confront the knowledge gained during the classes with the most recent problems that occur in the industry and business, also they could see these problems from different perspective and how business people and researchers approach them. Except the in-depth view into the technological issues, students had a chance to observe the professionals giving presentations, interacting with the audience and spreading their ideas which is a significant part of every performance.

Unquestionably, one of the reasons such events take place is that they create a great atmosphere for integration of participants. This is a truly beneficial part since young people to meet with industry leaders and research institutions representatives.



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